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Netdata offers fully integrated solutions of outlets that help simplify your processing needs of retail sales. We supply the software needed to achieve customer service quickly and effectively, which also includes inventory control and the Sale and Collection process, order management and customer service in restaurants, bars and pubs. Netdata service speeds without losing total control of operations management to ensure safe operation without interruption, also having the ability to use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones for use in an agile

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The activity of the company is preparing to supply clothing to the business group Siman in their warehouses in the countries of Central America and the uniform manufacturing companies in El Salvador. Netdata allows full control of the various Orders of Production, in a cycle that allows you to create purchase orders, imports and local purchases of raw materials, control outputs as inputs for the garment, receive the finished garments, liquidating orders and provide inventory reports and costs in different rooms of the process The garments are then billed to the various warehouses and customers of the company, having at this point an automated link with the orders for them, speeding up the process.



Company dedicated to the production and marketing of basic consumer goods such as rice, beans, flour, etc., whose raw materials are imported and processed to be suitable for human consumption. The system covers all operations through the following modules: Warehouse, Purchasing, Import, Accounts Payable, Sales Invoicing, Logistics, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Banking, Human Resources and Production Additionally there is running a routing system developed by Pre to run on mobile devices (phones and tablets) with operating system Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and IOS


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